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 Giving at LFB


 Through our generous, disciplined and cheerful giving we regularly proclaim that God is the one true King, and we are his people. We proclaim that all we possess and enjoy is a gracious gift from God, who demonstrated his extravagant generosity through the sending of his Son to die in our place. It is our desire to be a church marked by extravagant generosity toward God, His church, and those whom God has placed in our community. Our resources belong to God, were provided by God, and it is our greatest joy to give back to God with great discipline and sacrifice, a cheerful heart, and faithful generosity!

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For those who like a little more detail…

As new methods of giving emerge, it is important to remember that our commitment to generosity remains the same. Giving is an act of worship as we faithfully acknowledge that all we are and possess belong to God. Regardless of the method you choose, we encourage you to faithfully give in full submission to the one true God.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the different methods of giving.

  1. Cash or Check

Placing your checks or cash in the plates or wooden boxes by the sanctuary doors on Sunday. 

Pros? The tradition of writing a check, or preparing cash, and then giving it away is an intentional worship practice. Lebanon First Baptist Church receives the entire amount, as there are no transaction fees.

Cons? This is the most time-intensive method; when attendance fluctuates, giving fluctuates, while day-to-day operational expenses remain steady. Cash donations are harder to record for tax purposes.

  1. Bill Pay through your Financial Institution

Create an account as a vendor with your bank or credit union and schedule weekly, monthly, or one-time gifts that come through the mail directly to Lebanon First Baptist Church.

Pros? Ease, consistency, no transaction fees.

Cons? “Out of sight, out of mind” can disconnect the giver from the act of worship.

  1. Online Direct Giving (like sending a virtual check)

Virtual checks, also called eChecks or ACH (located in the top right corner of our giving page) allow you to schedule weekly, monthly, or one-time gifts, which allow you to give directly from your account to the account of Lebanon First Baptist Church.

Pros? Ease of use, consistency of giving, readily accepted and reported, minimal transaction fees.

Cons? Processing fees are charged; the “out of sight, out of mind” disconnect can detract from the worship experience.

  1. Online Credit/Debit Card Payments

We encourage everyone to give without going into debt.

Pros? Ease of use, consistency of giving, readily accepted and reported. Some credit card providers offer reward points.

Cons? Credit cards are most susceptible to foul play; processing fees are largest with this method; and again, the ease of giving without the intentionality of giving can deprive one of a sense of worship.

Lebanon First Baptist Church is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; all donations to Lebanon First Baptist Church are tax-deductible. We provide giving statements for anyone who has contributed financially, using any of the methods described above. Year-end statements are mailed out for tax purposes every January, and you can also access your online giving history on your account page.