What is a DNA Group?

The term “DNA group” refers to a group of three people (men w/ men and women w/ women) who meet weekly for one year to engage God’s word and apply it to their lives.

“DNA” stands for Discover, Nature, Act. These steps define what a DNA Group does every time they gather.

Step 1.) Discover

  • The Goal: TEACH THE MIND – allow God’s word to penetrate your mind and thoughts, laying the groundwork for growth and transformation.

Step 2.) Nurture

  • The Goal: SHEPHERD THE HEART  – allow the Spirit to penetrate your heart, revealing what areas of your life need to be transformed. With this revelation, each person is brought to repentance and a renewed faith in the gospel every time a DNA group meets.

Step 3.) Act

  • The Goal: EMPOWER THE HANDS – in light of God’s Word and repentance, each person knows what to do and who to tell. The DNA group members now get to serve each other through accountability and prayer.
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