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211 E. Vine St, Lebanon OR

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What are Sundays at LFB like?

9:30 AM
Bible studies start
10:30 AM
Worship Music
10:45 AM
11:30 AM
Worship Music
11:45 AM

Kids Ministries

About LFB

We prioritize helping people to cultivate a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ through grace by faith (trusting in Christ alone for our salvation).  Knowing Jesus results in a transformed, ever-changing life. We emphasize the importance of personal and group Bible study (the Bible is front and center in our church activities), and the importance of living our Christian lives in community with each other. Our aim is to help people become followers of Jesus Christ (disciples)  - then to become more like Jesus in the way we think and act - helping others experience the same transformation that we have experienced.
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