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Home Communities are where relationships happen! With the purpose of growth and multiplication, a Home Community is a diverse group of 8 to 16 who gather weekly to engage in gospel-centered relationships.
Diverse = mixed ages and genders
Gospel-centered relationships = We gather around the Gospel (not preference or age). And we speak the truths of the Gospel to one another as we get to know each others' stories and situations.

Want to get plugged in?
Contact Pastor Jake:
phone: 541-259-1291
email: jake@firstbap.org


Oswald Home Community
Leader: Bruce Oswald

When: Every Other Sunday, @4:30pm

Where: 34221 Bond Rd. Lebanon, OR 97355


Jenkins Home Community
Leader: Dan Jenkins
When: Sundays, @5:00pm
Where: 735 Harmony St. Lebanon, OR 97355
Darling Home Community
Leader: Scott Darling

When: Sundays, @5:30pm
Where: Rotating Locations


Schneider Home Community
Leader: Dan Schneider

When: Sundays, @6:00pm
Where: 31479 Stoltz Hill Rd. Lebanon, OR 97355


McGowan Home Community
Leader: Jim McGowan

When: Mondays, @6:30pm
Where: 1545 16th Pl. Lebanon, OR 97355


Miller Home Community
Leader: Phil Miller

When: Mondays, @6:30pm
Where: 38550 Golden Valley Dr. Lebanon, OR 97355


Barnett Home Community
Leader: Rick Barnett
When: Mondays, @6:30pm
Where: Rotating Locations


Bess Home Community
Leader: Paul Bess

When: Wednesdays, @7:00pm
Where: Rotating Locations


Belgarde Home Community
Leader: Tyrone Belgarde
*Begins in November
When: Thursdays, @7:00pm
Where: 32717 Old Mill Rd. Lebanon, OR 97355
Zufelt Home Community
Leader: Jake Zufelt

When: Mondays, @6:00pm
Where: 33549 Millview Way, Lebanon, OR 97355


Clark-McGuyre Home Community
Leader: Keith Clark & Sean McGuyre

When: Tuesdays, @6:30
Where: 3468 Hawk Arrow Dr. Lebanon, OR 97355